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Magic Mushrooms Versus LSD: What’s The Difference?

If you take enough LSD or magic mushrooms, you’ll end up on an exciting, eye-opening trip for the next several hours of your life. The particular substance you take, however, will have an impact on several key factors of the experience, including the duration, the mental and physical sensations, and the exact nature of your […]

What Is Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelics For Sale Online In Los Angeles CA. Every psychedelic experience is a window of opportunity. The insights gained from a psychedelic trip can be mind-blowing and mind-changing. The days and weeks after a psychedelic trip can cause a shift in your own worldview. Some feel different about themselves or see the world in totally new […]

How the Shaman María Sabina Changed Magic Mushrooms Forever

If you’ve never heard of María Sabina, you’ve likely seen her image. She’s not only a popular figure in psychedelic art but is responsible for introducing magic mushrooms to the West. Her fateful encounter with R Gordon Wasson would change the world of psychedelics forever. After that, she became known as the priestess of mushrooms. Yet, as […]

Blue spotting on Magic Mushrooms?

Why do I see Blue spotting on Magic Mushrooms? If you consume or grow Magic Mushrooms, you may have noticed that some of them develop blue spots over time. This is a natural process that occurs in Psilocybin Mushrooms (also know as psilo shrooms). Although it is incredibly common and widely discussed, it’s still unknown exactly why […]

Where Do Magic Mushrooms Grow?

Magic Mushrooms grow in various climates and habitats. If you are from a big city, the majority of magic mushrooms that are accessible to you may have been artificially cultivated, such as B+, Penis Envy, Golden Teacher, or even just “Cubes.” Some people like to use brown rice flour with vermiculite. Others prefer to use corn, oats, or […]

The Foundations of Microdosing: Setting An Intention

Capsules – 10 pack (Mix-and-Match)

Microdosing without setting an intention is like setting off into the woods without a map. The journey may prove interesting and sprinkled with new discoveries, but you’ll likely not end up at your destination. Setting an intention before the 30-Day Microdosing Challenge is a vital first step towards seeing lasting shifts in our mental, physical, […]

 Psilocybin For Depression In L.A.

Buy psilocybin chocolates. Psilocybin or magic mushrooms are naturally occurring and are consumed for their hallucinogenic effects. psilocybin chocolate bars. They belong to a group of drugs known as psychedelics, which trigger changes in perception, mood and thought. psilocybin near me. The key ingredient in magic mushrooms is psilocybin. psilocybin gummy. psilocybin mushroom chocolate bar 3.5g. psilocybin for sale. Where to […]

5 Best Magic Mushroom Strains For Therapy

Magic mushrooms provide more than just spiritual, life-changing effects. These psilocybin cubensis mushrooms provide several great therapeutic benefits for the users. Reports from users as well as several research studies have also shown that shrooms can be used to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, neural damage, as well as addiction. For these therapeutic benefits to […]